Who we are

We are passionate people providing sport classes to children and adults in English and French

Le Petit Sportif  after  school program is extending school hours through sports in 2 languages,french and English,  on the school ground and integrating the school values as well. After 8 years at Killarney Heights Public School, we believe that the core of our program is offering a nurtured, organised and safe environment for every child in a family-friendly atmosphere,affordable and teaching values of sports in a non-competitive way .


is the Founder and Director and main Coach at Les Sportifs. As a Physical Education teacher in France (2004), Los Angeles (2005) and Sydney (2010) she gained a strong experience in Bilingual schools. She was eager to create her own little sports club in another bilingual environment targeting Pre-Schooler to Secondary students.

Since 2010, she started the Educational Sport Program in French in diverse Public School in the Northern Beaches. She had then the opportunity to settled permanently in at Killarney Heights Public School in 2013 hiring the facilities at school for an after school program.Discovering sports, from beginners to Intermediate level, it’s a real chance for the children to experiment new sports and burn extra energy before going home.Emilie and her staff  is now welcoming about 65 Students form K to Year 6 at school per term throughout the year in the school Hall and on the multi purpose court.

Always inventing and keen to do more, Emilie decided to offer a Adult program with  cardio fitness and adventure + Yoga, both activites that she was practicing herself as her favorite hobby. The business name changed to Les Sportifs in 2017.She completed Yoga Teacher Training in 2015. From that, Yoga program for adult was on,  in the idea of staying local, practical and easy   for the parents community . wellness class in studio

The whole community is now covered with LES SPORTIFS  from Le Petit Sportif,(Children Sports program), La grande sportive (Adults Sports program- Wellness Yoga & Fitness Program )


Morgane is a the Gymnastic Coach. She joined  Le Petit Sportif in January 2017. She is also working at AAGI Gymnastic Club in Brookvale. She comes from the Gymnastic and Circus industry from France.

With a decade of Gymnastic training, Morgane has been awarded the prestigious team Gym French championship in 2007, she pursues her Sportive and Artistic development by joining a professional Circus school in Paris for 2 years. Then she spent 3 more years at the prestigious National Institute of Circus developing classic and contemporary dance, theatre, acrobatics, teeterboard and rope is her specialties.

Looking for more qualification and knowledge in the sport, she started this year a Certificate 3 and 4 in the Fitness industry in Sydney.

Morgane is a very creative, active, lively and enthusiastic coach. She has a lot to share and she has a special bond with Les Petits Sportifs.